Woodcrest Reunion

Session 4

The Jenivere ‘s shipwrecked survivors meet again after eliminating the dimorphodons and make plans for resettling their camp in the high ridges of the northern coast of Smuggler’s Shiv. Leslon, upon passing the sunken ship, noticed that it was titled Tears of Grog. He could not tell much more about the shipwreck. They spent the uneventful night with double watches, fearful that the mysterious predator might come back.

After all of Gelik’s incessant whining, Romulo snapped at him with a stingingly witty retort. Gelik’s sour demeanor melted rather than cringed, and he started to respect the fellow bard. Gelik disclosed that he was a member of the Pathfinder Society, a fraternity of explorers and scholars, searching all across Golarion for mysteries and knowledge. However, he admitted with plenty of excuses, that he would like to make amends for his falling out and that a ship he knows to be somewhere crashed upon the shores of Smuggler’s Shiv, a Pathfinder Society commissioned longship called the Nightvoice, might just be his solution. He asked the group to find the ship and help clear his reputation.

At daybreak, the survivors broke camp. They trekked through the steep, rocky coastline, up ridges and across fissures until they reached their new campsite. Leslon and Borben helped create a very defensible camp while Leathan and Ishirou planted triplines and traps around the perimeter. Aerys made rounds, keeping look out for jungle intruders. Sasha sat around somewhere, probably thinking about dinosaurs and obviously trying to hide her fear at the current situation. Rains came with dusk, and the close of a tiring but ultimately uneventful day.

The next morning, Leslon led the others through the jungle and south, following the river. In the mid afternoon, the party stumbled across three wild-looking Thrunefang Cannibals., waiting in ambush for the party. The barbarians and the survivors traded blows, but in the end, the survivors…survived. They discovered a crumpled up piece of paper with writing from the Captain. Scrawled over the parchment were the word Ieana over and over again in maddness.

Later, as dusk was falling, the group encountered and easily dispatched three giant spiders, and built camp in their lair. Above their heads, the storm grew more and more intense.


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