Woodcrest Reunion

Session 5

The shipwrecked survivors (Leslon, Romulo Trembleplank and Borben Nimblefoot) continue their exploration of Smuggler’s Shiv. Following their previous tracks, and going more inland, the adventurers encounter a pair of yellow musk zombies and decide to hide from them and let them pass. Later on that day, they find the Bloody Doll abandoned camp and barely dispatched a lone yellow musk zombie before moving on. Following an animal trail they discovered, the adventurers nearly ran into a cleverly laid trap. Deciding to hide their tracks, they avoid the trap and leave it armed, hoping that they could use it to their advantage if it came to it. The castaways continue following the path and come to another abandoned camp, this one decorated with old demonic symbols painted in blood.


ralstonc1 ralstonc1

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