Aerys's Quest

Completed in Session 3, earning Aerys’s friendship and changing her attitude to Helpful.

Aerys Mavato has started to realize that she may have a problem. Since wrecking on Smuggler’s Shiv, she has been going through DTs from alcohol withdrawal. After confiding with Romulo about her condition, she asks the party to help rid her of her addiction.

For each day she goes without alcohol, she is sickened and must make Fortitude saves or she may take damage from the symptoms. The party knows that viper nettles may be found on this island and could help Aerys with her withdrawal symptoms. Curing Aerys of alcoholism instantly makes her attitude shift to Helpful.

Once Aerys’s attitude is Helpful, she offers to let players read the epic poem she has been working on, Abendego Cantos. Spending the day doing so grants the PC a permanent +1 bonus on Will saving throws to resist compulsion effects.

Aerys's Quest

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