Woodcrest Reunion

Session 2

Continuing on from the first session, Leslon, Borben and Romulo leave the wreck of the Jenivere after discovering the First Mate had wounds on his body from a rapier and numerous stings from the sea scorpions. The cook’s body was also discovered and it appeared that he died from some sort of giant snake bite. The group made their way back to the beach, only to find that three giant centipedes were attacking the survivors. After dispatching them, the group decides to move inland in order to find shelter and more security.

Later on that day, the group explores the island, finding a venomous snake lairing at the site of some ancient serpent folk ruins. They bring the snake back to camp to cook, which delights Ishirou.

Romulo decides that the next day he will stay behind to shore up defenses at the camp. Ishirou helps him on this task, setting up various snares and traps for monsters and animals to trip. Leslon and Borben trek through the jungle in search of food and materials. They find some sort of dinosaur tracks leading north to the shore as well as an animal trail they might soon explore.


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