Woodcrest Reunion

Session 3

In this session, Romulo, Borben and Leslon trekked through the jungle to discover a source of fresh water. While taking a short break, Borben discovered a single foot print that may have belonged to Ieana, meaning that she survived the shipwreck. Though they could not tell which direction she continued on, they tried to follow the river south and also discovered a viper nettle patch to help Aerys Mavato shake the symptoms of her alcohol withdrawal.

After the group made it back to camp, Romulo gathered everyone together and attempted to raise morale. For the first time, it seemed that the band of survivors might actually be able to form into a group, the outliers being the sarcastic gnome, Gelik Aberwhinge and the distractible Sasha Nevah.

During the night, just before dawn, Leslon heard a large creature fly overhead but was unable to make out what it was. After rousing the survivors and forming a defensive perimeter, it seemed by dawn that the threat had passed. Ishirou, while continuing to shore up the defenses of the camp, discovered the decapitated head of a jungle goat, near where Leslon heard the flying creature. Spooked, the group decided to try to make a safer camp elsewhere and decided to track down the dimorphodons they had seen signs up earlier in their trips through the jungle.

After scaling the craggy ridges of the coastline, the survivors spotted a sunken ship off the coast to the north but could not make any details out about it. They finally made it to the dimorphodon’s nest and dispatched the dinosaurs with some trouble. Could this rocky ridge offer more protection from whatever had been stalking them the night before?


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