Woodcrest Reunion

Session 6

The party started the session with coming up with a plan to try to lure more cannibals to them so that they might discover more about this mysterious island. They decide to burn down the only remaining structure in the ruined camp, then settle down to watch for investigators. Eventually, they set up watches and rest for the night. During the night, Leslon heard the sounds of half a dozen dire rats. The party dispatches them easily and go back to sleep.

The next day, they make their way toward where Ishirou’s treasure map says its hidden treasure lies and begin digging. Borben Nimblefoot stubbornly dug down ten feet until he hit a wooden floor. Exhausted, he ascends and shows the others the dwarven skeleton that was hidden beneath the dirt. The party discovers that the dwarf likely died from some form of unseen stab and can tell they are on the right path for the treasure. The party begins to try to pry the floor up, only to meet with failure. Instead, they began to chop through it and after lots of hard work, they manage to destroy the floor beneath them and plummet 40 feet down to a dark and murky pool of water.

They were not alone in the water, however, and two lacedons (aquatic ghouls) attack them. Romulo casts animate rope, swiftly lifting himself out of the pit. Borben and Leslon attempted to grab the rope to pull themselves up, but only Borben managed to catch it. After they reached the top, Borben worked to use the pulley system they had established to lift Leslon to safety. Leslon managed to make it to where the platform had once been and shot one monster with an arrow. Romulo improvises a Molotov cocktail and launches it down the shoot, perfectly hitting the lacedon that was climbing up the shaft and setting the surface of the water on fire. Borben launched himself down the hole and kicks the head off the remaining lacedon, ending the fight. After the battle, Romulo finds the hidden treasure and the castaways celebrate their haul.

While camping that night, two Thrunefang cannibals attempted to sneak up on the party. However, Leslon’s keen ears allows him to get the drop on them. They quickly subdue their foes and start interrogating the live cannibal. They are able to extract where the Thrunefang camp was located as well as news that Ieana and Captain Alizandru Kovack had been meeting with their leader. They killed the cannibal after they got the information and dumped his body in the hole.

The party decides to make their way back to camp and starts the arduous trek through the jungle.

Session 5

The shipwrecked survivors (Leslon, Romulo Trembleplank and Borben Nimblefoot) continue their exploration of Smuggler’s Shiv. Following their previous tracks, and going more inland, the adventurers encounter a pair of yellow musk zombies and decide to hide from them and let them pass. Later on that day, they find the Bloody Doll abandoned camp and barely dispatched a lone yellow musk zombie before moving on. Following an animal trail they discovered, the adventurers nearly ran into a cleverly laid trap. Deciding to hide their tracks, they avoid the trap and leave it armed, hoping that they could use it to their advantage if it came to it. The castaways continue following the path and come to another abandoned camp, this one decorated with old demonic symbols painted in blood.

Session 4

The Jenivere ‘s shipwrecked survivors meet again after eliminating the dimorphodons and make plans for resettling their camp in the high ridges of the northern coast of Smuggler’s Shiv. Leslon, upon passing the sunken ship, noticed that it was titled Tears of Grog. He could not tell much more about the shipwreck. They spent the uneventful night with double watches, fearful that the mysterious predator might come back.

After all of Gelik’s incessant whining, Romulo snapped at him with a stingingly witty retort. Gelik’s sour demeanor melted rather than cringed, and he started to respect the fellow bard. Gelik disclosed that he was a member of the Pathfinder Society, a fraternity of explorers and scholars, searching all across Golarion for mysteries and knowledge. However, he admitted with plenty of excuses, that he would like to make amends for his falling out and that a ship he knows to be somewhere crashed upon the shores of Smuggler’s Shiv, a Pathfinder Society commissioned longship called the Nightvoice, might just be his solution. He asked the group to find the ship and help clear his reputation.

At daybreak, the survivors broke camp. They trekked through the steep, rocky coastline, up ridges and across fissures until they reached their new campsite. Leslon and Borben helped create a very defensible camp while Leathan and Ishirou planted triplines and traps around the perimeter. Aerys made rounds, keeping look out for jungle intruders. Sasha sat around somewhere, probably thinking about dinosaurs and obviously trying to hide her fear at the current situation. Rains came with dusk, and the close of a tiring but ultimately uneventful day.

The next morning, Leslon led the others through the jungle and south, following the river. In the mid afternoon, the party stumbled across three wild-looking Thrunefang Cannibals., waiting in ambush for the party. The barbarians and the survivors traded blows, but in the end, the survivors…survived. They discovered a crumpled up piece of paper with writing from the Captain. Scrawled over the parchment were the word Ieana over and over again in maddness.

Later, as dusk was falling, the group encountered and easily dispatched three giant spiders, and built camp in their lair. Above their heads, the storm grew more and more intense.

Session 3

In this session, Romulo, Borben and Leslon trekked through the jungle to discover a source of fresh water. While taking a short break, Borben discovered a single foot print that may have belonged to Ieana, meaning that she survived the shipwreck. Though they could not tell which direction she continued on, they tried to follow the river south and also discovered a viper nettle patch to help Aerys Mavato shake the symptoms of her alcohol withdrawal.

After the group made it back to camp, Romulo gathered everyone together and attempted to raise morale. For the first time, it seemed that the band of survivors might actually be able to form into a group, the outliers being the sarcastic gnome, Gelik Aberwhinge and the distractible Sasha Nevah.

During the night, just before dawn, Leslon heard a large creature fly overhead but was unable to make out what it was. After rousing the survivors and forming a defensive perimeter, it seemed by dawn that the threat had passed. Ishirou, while continuing to shore up the defenses of the camp, discovered the decapitated head of a jungle goat, near where Leslon heard the flying creature. Spooked, the group decided to try to make a safer camp elsewhere and decided to track down the dimorphodons they had seen signs up earlier in their trips through the jungle.

After scaling the craggy ridges of the coastline, the survivors spotted a sunken ship off the coast to the north but could not make any details out about it. They finally made it to the dimorphodon’s nest and dispatched the dinosaurs with some trouble. Could this rocky ridge offer more protection from whatever had been stalking them the night before?

Session 2

Continuing on from the first session, Leslon, Borben and Romulo leave the wreck of the Jenivere after discovering the First Mate had wounds on his body from a rapier and numerous stings from the sea scorpions. The cook’s body was also discovered and it appeared that he died from some sort of giant snake bite. The group made their way back to the beach, only to find that three giant centipedes were attacking the survivors. After dispatching them, the group decides to move inland in order to find shelter and more security.

Later on that day, the group explores the island, finding a venomous snake lairing at the site of some ancient serpent folk ruins. They bring the snake back to camp to cook, which delights Ishirou.

Romulo decides that the next day he will stay behind to shore up defenses at the camp. Ishirou helps him on this task, setting up various snares and traps for monsters and animals to trip. Leslon and Borben trek through the jungle in search of food and materials. They find some sort of dinosaur tracks leading north to the shore as well as an animal trail they might soon explore.

Session 1
Shipwrecked on Smuggler's Shiv!

Leslon, Romulo and Leathan were eating dinner with the rest of the crew of the Jenivere when all of a sudden everything went dark. They woke up on a beach in a cove with sea scorpions ready to gnaw on their corpses. After dispatching the creatures, they took stock as to what happened. They found five other passengers, also unconscious, and a haphazard stack of their equipment and gear. Leathan realized that they had been poisoned by the cook with a powerful substance known as oil of taggit. Leslon realized that they were stranded on a dangerous island known as Smuggler’s Shiv.

After interacting with Aerys Mavato, Gelik Aberwhinge, Ishirou, Jask Derindi and Sasha Nevah, it becomes clear that just surviving on the island will take some hard work, especially with some of the personalities of the passengers.

The group decides to investigate the wreck of the Jenivere to search for survivors, supplies and information. They swim there only to find that most of the ship has been torn asunder. They find some meager supplies and tools, a few potions and the key to Jask’s shackles. In the larder, they find the body of the cook strangely stuffed into a cabinet as well as the bloated body of First Mate Alton Devers. A larger eurypterid (sea scorpion) bangs at the door leading to the middle hold. They quickly defeat it before returning to shore.


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